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It’s not unusual for customers to come to us for stump removal and grinding services. After all, North Carolina is littered with the debris of partially removed trees! Commercial and residential property owners are often left with these unsightly remains after having their trees removed by amateurs, or end up inheriting them from their landscape’s less responsible prior owners. And between the feeling of decay tree stumps give yards, and the amount of wasted space they take up, is it any surprise our clients want to get rid of stumps as quickly as possible? That’s where our Raleigh tree professionals and their expert stump grinding service comes in. There’s no need for North Carolina’s property owners to break their backs struggling with stubborn roots and dangerous equipment, not when our tree service experts are here to do the job quickly and affordably!

Our Raleigh Tree Expert’s Stump Grinding Process:

  • Bring The Stump Down To Ground Level! Step number one involves using a combination of standard chainsaws and expert equipment to bring stumps straight down to the ground.
  • Rip Up Those Roots! What’s step two, you ask? Pulling those tree roots up until there’s not a single one left! You’ll never have to worry about regrowth when our tree removal experts are on the job!
  • Mulch Time! Once we have all the tree roots extracted, we grind them into nutrient rich mulch! There’s no better food for trees and greenery than fresh mulch, and we’ll be happy to spread it around your landscape!
  • Spread the Mulch! Our tree experts will help you select the best places to spread your new mulch!
  • Clean Up! Our Raleigh tree professionals will fill in any holes left by the stump removal process, as well as haul any debris away! We’ll also be happy to plant you a new tree before we go, or perform any other form of tree maintenance!

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If you’re seeking affordable, professional stump-grinding services in Raleigh-Durham, then look no further! Our highly skilled experts are always ready to perform high quality services at competitive prices! Just contact us, and we’ll be thrilled to provide you with a free estimate and answer any questions! Give us a call, e-mail, or fill out our online form today; one of our North Carolina tree experts will get back to you right away!

We serve communities across greater Raleigh, including Cary, Durham, Apex, and Wake County!


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