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Our Service Experts Correct Damage from Amateur Tree Prunings

If you take the risk of having your trees trimmed by amateurs, you may find the results leave something to be desired. Amateur tree trimmers often remove too much material, make improper cuts, and fail to remove debris. The results of these inexpert prunings are often severely weakened trees, which may suffer from any of the following maladies:

  • Mis-Alignment and Instability: When material is removed without careful consideration, a tree’s balance can become severely compromised. The result is tree mis-alignment and decreased stability, which in turn can lead to sudden tree collapse. Our restorative pruning experts will work to re-establish your tree’s natural balance, and strengthen its ability to filter wind and resist tree failure.
  • Weakened, Unattractive Canopy: A tree’s vitality is intimately linked to the health of its canopy. After all, trees depend on their canopies for nutrition, shelter, and growth. Restoring a tree canopy after its been pruned by amateurs, is never an easy task. But our experts will nonetheless work hard to promote healing woundwood, clear deadwood, remove sucker growth, and otherwise restore your tree to health. By the time we’re done, your tree will be healthier and more beautiful than you ever thought possible.
  • Disease and Infestation: When tree debris is not properly cleared, or when amateur tree trimmers leave trees with open wounds, disease and infestation can set in. Our Raleigh tree service experts will clear your trees of debris and diagnose areas of infection. We’ll then remove decay, as well as treat infestations with any necessary tree spraying. We’ll also be sure to haul away any debris, in order to prevent infections from spreading to other Raleigh trees. Trees that receive restorative prunings from our Raleigh pros resist infection, and are able to live longer, healthier lives.

The level of restorative pruning your tree requires depends entirely on how much it has been damaged, as well as how long the wounds have been left to fester. Some trees may need only one restorative pruning session, while others may require several visits over multiple seasons. But if there is a way to restore your tree to health, you can be sure our Raleigh tree experts will find it. We’ll also tell you openly and honestly if your tree is too wounded to be healed by restorative pruning, and if tree removal is a better option. If your tree does have to be removed, we’ll do so quickly and safely. We’ll also be happy to plant a replacement tree in its place, as well as perform any stump grinding services you might need.

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If you’re interested in learning more about restorative pruning, or any of our other tree services, contact our Raleigh office at any time. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, provide a free estimate, and arrange an on-site consultation. Our tree service experts are some of the best in Raleigh, and have years of experience restoring even severely damaged trees. Our work is fast, professional, and affordable, so why not contact us today and find out what our pros can do for you? You can reach our Raleigh office by filling out the contact form on the side of this website, e-mailing, or calling us at (919) 746-9087.

Our tree service experts regularly work in communities throughout Raleigh, including Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, Apex, and Wake County.


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